Monday, November 21, 2016

Connecticut Medical Doctor Practice Financing For Healthcare Professionals!

Medical Doctor Practice Financing For Healthcare Professionals!

Term loans up to 10 Years with personal FICO credit scores starting at 640!


Connecticut Doctor Practice Working Capital Loans For Professional Practice Needs!

Doctors in the medical profession looking to raise capital for their medical practice or to start one or for working capital or to pay off high interest student loans, we can help!

BRT Financial can help the healthcare professional with the right type of financing for their practices!

HealthCare Practice Loans for Dentists, Medical Doctors, Anesthesiologists, Pharmacists, Physicians, Optometrists, Podiatrists, Orthodontists, Surgeons, Physicians Assistants, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Nurse Practitioner, Pharmacists, Veterinarians, Ophthalmologists, ER Doctors, Internal Medicine and more!

Doctor Practice Financing

Operating a healthcare practice in Connecticut is more difficult than you would have imaged. You need to have a good grasp of and control over the business end of the daily cash flow needs of your medical practice! Finding the right lender to get doctor practice financing approved for your practice is critical in getting the funds you need for your practice! The good news is that BRT Financial generally see healthcare professionals and dental professionals as a good investment depending on personal credit scores! Even in our current strict lending business economic climate, banks are restricting credit and loans are being continually declined, finding the right lender in the healthcare practice industry has been a challenge for the medical professional. Healthcare specialty lenders are still in the business of making profitable loans for their portfolio so finding solid reliable medical practices to fund is doable with the right lender! As a rule, doctors are viewed favorable in the banking world for financing in their practices for medical working capital and medical term loans in Connecticut.

Physician Practice Loan

They are considered good credit risks because on a percentage basis, healthcare practice professional's account for very few defaults. In medical practice financing, dentists, medical doctors and all healthcare professionals usually have better personal credit scores, which makes them good candidates for medical practice term loans. Find out here to Estimate Your Credit Score fast and easy. However, instances where doctors have had a poor personal credit history, it is recommended that the healthcare professional contact a credit repair company to improve their FICO personal credit score before trying to apply for doctor practice financing. Doctor financing loans can top out around the $5 million range, so you want to be in good financial condition with regards to your credit history so that you will be eligible for the most attractive loan rates and terms in the state of Connecticut.

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